about us

Based in a 56,000sq ft purpose built facility in the North West of England, Bevie Partners Limited (formerly SPL International) are the original manufacturer and designers of commercial Turbo Yeast and blended Yeast & nutrition products for the alcoholic drinks industry.

For 25 years Bevie have been working in collaboration with our partners to create a host of alcoholic beverages in all drink’s categories, our continued focus on product research and development aligned with the commitment to in house manufacture and packaging enable us to keep innovating with our partner brewers and distillers.

At Bevie we constantly work on refining our products and our methods of blending and packing to ensure our customers have an unrivalled level of Fermentation consistency

Turbo Yeasts

First developed over 20 years ago by the late Philip Jones, turbo yeasts are fast fermenting yeasts for use in the production of alcoholic beverages.

Turbo Yeasts are active dried yeast strains, derived from brewers, distillers and wine makers’ yeasts, that are combined with nutrition complexes specially formulated for various fermentation conditions and alcohol product outputs.

Distiller's Yeast

Developed by our lab to help distillers maximise quality and a consistency of ferment from unique substrates. The active dried yeast strains have been specifically chosen to cultivate the right flavours for Vodka, Rum and Whiskey, couple this with the nutrient complex ensures that distiller’s have a yeast and nutrient complex that can be relied upon for producing a high-quality distillate time and time again.

Yeast & Nutrition (Cider)

Two dried yeast strains and nutrient complexes  have been developed to enable cider makers to ferment from a fruit base or sugar base creating clean and neutral esters for crisp, dry ciders or alternatively a higher ester for a fuller flavoured product.


Consumer appetite for exciting and diverse flavour experiences in alcoholic beverages is phenomenal. The Pathfinder portfolio has over 60 flavours and essences to meet the ever-developing organoleptic requirements of the consumer.